Press: Film shooting in Navarra

A week ago he ended the filming of the new film from director Iván Fernández de Cordoba in which Jaime Olías It is one of the protagonists, today I share some press releases related to this shoot.

Sara Sálamo and Jaime Olías star in this drama-tinged comedy.

filmmaker Iván Fernández de Cordoba It seeks to address the lack of communication in a society like today, with more media than ever.

Invites tape reflection, He is according to the vision of its director, facing the natural environment and the analog world with the new digital era.

Produced by Fernando Ramia e Iván Fernández de Cordoba, The film is starring Sara Sálamo, Jaime Olías, María Almudéver, Rodrigo Poisón, Norma Ruiz and Aroa Ortigosa. also shot in Barcelona and Teruel, the bulk of the recording was focused on Navarra, particularly in the Leurtza Reservoir and near Urrotz, a team consisting of a 20 people.

Source: News of Navarra / 20 MINUTES

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Jaime Olías: New details Taxiing in Navarra

Thanks to blog actress Sara Sálamo We know more about the film Jaime Olías It is rolling in Navarra.

As stated Sara Sálamo “the title is still the best kept secret” but we forward a short synopsis of the plot and character's name of Jaime Olías:

Sara (I interpret character) and Erik (my dear Jaime Olías) They are a couple of influencers who lives for social networks. Julia (Maria Almudéver) and Pep (Rodrigo Poisón) They are a marriage of bohemians living in a forest self-sufficient way. After a chance encounter, the four characters have to deal with their ideologies to solve their problems ... or not.

Still have a week of filming in which I'm sure is they will give us more images as they are giving us during these weeks!


Source and full article: House keys. By Sara Sálamo

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Jaime Olías: Movie shooting, Navarra

As you know Jaime Olías It is of filming in Navarra preparing the new movie director Iván Fernández de Cordoba; gradually they get to know more details; beside Jaime Olías (as we already knew) They are rolling the actor Rodrigo Poisón and actresses Sara Sálamo and María Almudéver, Now we know that have joined the filming actresses Norma Ruiz and Aroa Ortigosa.

As for the plot by the images that are sharing, it is possibly a thriller (suspense) and the location is in wonderful places like the Leurtza Reservoir and Urrotz.

Thanks to post published by Norma Ruiz in its blog know that “It is a film of absolute present in which the universe of milleniars mixed with hippies. All characters in the film have in common that they are involved in their world, extreme in the reasons that each character to defend the life he leads.”

I advise you take a look at this post: Standard For Life – My filming in Navarra

If they keep knowing more news as always I inform here and in different social networks of this fansite, I remember adding virtually every day shooting pictures a la Gallery of the web!


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Only Chemistry: A DVD sales in France

The film Only Chemistry It is already on sale in dvd in France, You can find it in Amazon under the title ‘Just a bit of alchemy '.

Dispose of audio French (Dolby Digital 2.0 and Dolby Digital 5.1), and Spanish audio (Dolby Digital 2.0 and Dolby Digital 5.1), with subtítulos available in French.

It can be purchased at the following link: Just a bit of alchemy [France] [DVD]


Source: Soil Chemistry

Jaime Olías: Filming in Navarra

Confirmed, ¡¡Jaime Olías new draft!!

Jaime Olías It is part of the cast of the new film from director Iván Fernández de Cordoba.

The shooting is being done in Navarra and with Jaime Olías (as we can see in the picture) are actors and actresses as Rodrigo Poisón, Sara Sálamo and María Almudéver.

As they go knowing more details movie and the role of Jaime Olías, I'll report here and all social networks of this fansite!


Source: POISON Rodrigo Barroso / Iván Fernández de Cordoba / Noelia Martinez Gil

Video: Jaime Olías (IG Stories)

Jaime Olías: New Project

A few minutes ago Jaime Olías shared in his instagram stories a small video accompanied Text “BCN new project”; you wanting to know what it is, I leave the instagram Jaime for you to see this video and who decides to follow even if you do not do: Jaime Olías

Only Chemistry: Available on Youtube

The film Only Chemistry and you can be enjoyed in youtube by rental the purchase!

Rental: You have 30 days to start viewing the content and when you start to play, You have a maximum of 48 hours to finish watching.


Source: YouTube

charity concert #RockAndLaw, Barcelona

Jaime Olías We are invited to attend next 29 of June a #RockAndLaw, the charity concert of law in Razzmatazz of Barcelona, all beefits will go to the project Neurorrehabilitación centers of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

More information

Source: Rock & Law / Jaime Olías

Redesigned Web

As you can well check the web has a new design!!

Thanks to the design Sin21Designs already Lilith ( webmiss de la web Norman Reedus Spain) the web has a new header with recent photos Jaime Olías and it is more organized so that they can see and read well the various categories of the web.

This new design features the computer version (where you can see the new design complete with header) and the version for mobile and tablets (where you can see the new design but without the head).

At Lateral Menu We have organized the Jaime Olías Awards so that they can access and see aesthetically much better; We have also changed the language bar and now we have many more languages ​​that read the web.

The input section It is in a more orderly manner and with larger images.

I hope you like this new design as much as you liked Jaime Olías which I give infinite thanks for having him here so fond our fansite last and five years old!

Chica Chica: DVD for sale in Fnac France (18 of May)

Good news for French fans Chica Chica, the film titled there Girl Daughter, available in DVD in Fnac France from tomorrow day 18 of May!!

More information: Fnac – DVD daughter daughter


Source: Fnac (France) / The corner of the Freijeiro

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