Jaime Olías: Rodaje Los Nuestros 2

¡Jaime Olías se incorporó ayer al filming de la segunda parte de la serie de Mediaset Ours!

Hace unos días éste fansite ya lo había informado, pero ayer gracias a ésta imágen publicada por el propio Jaime in its IG Stories nos lo confirmaba del todo.

Remember Jaime Olías will have un pequeño papel en la serie del que aún no se saben más detalles, but para Jaime no hay papel pequeño ya que él los hace inmensos dando como siempre lo mejor de si mismo.


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Photography: Jaime Olías

Jaime Olías: What Grows Inside, Short

Jaime Olías It is in full filming of short filmWhat Grows Inside’ of director Nacho Ozores wherein Jaime will star as we reported self Jaime.

The filming is taking place in Barreiros, St. Stephen's Badlands and around the Arealonga Beach, Galicia and what we've seen on instagram thanks to the Director of Photography Lucia C. Pan, You'll have spectacular scenery!

The team consists of 20 people between the technical and artistic team.

Jaime Olías and Nacho Ozores is not the first time working together as they agreed on the serie TVE 'End of the Road’.

Yesterday Jaime Olías shared a video of the shooting location on your instagram account:

On the other hand, Jaime Olías informed us what Friday will join the filming of the second season of ours, as always we will inform both projects here on the web and social networks this fansite.


Source: Jaime Olías / Lucia C. Pan / Faro Norte Ribadeo

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Jaime Olías: Series Ours 2

¡¡Jaime Olías It joins the cast of the second part of the series ‘Ours‘ of Telecinco!!

Jaime You will have a small character in the second season of the series MediasetOurs'; yesterday began meetings for rehearsals and thanks to the stories of some of her companions could see in these tests Jaime:

Instagram Stories Sarah Perles

Instagram Stories Paula Echevarria

Ours director Joaquín Llamas is a TV series of action, suspense and drama Spanish, produced by Mediaset Spain In collaboration with Multipark Fiction for broadcast on Telecinco.

The first installment was issued in 2015 and he was starring Hugo Silva, Blanca Suarez, Luis Fernández, Antonio Velázquez and Álvaro Cervantes.

Jaime Olías She joins in this second season his companions Rodolfo Sancho, Aida Folch, Michelle Calvó, Paula Echevarría, Sarah Perles, Stany Coppet, Elvira Minguez, Carles Francino, Joel Bosqued, David Castillo, Daniel Ibáñez, Gonzalo Kindelan and Mateo Conde.

This fansite is tremendously excited to see Jaime on TV and as you know Jaime there is little character because he makes everyone very large.

As they leave knowing I'll report more information here and social networks and I'll leave pictures of the shooting on the link below:

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Jaime Olías: 20 April in concert at Café Berlin Maximiliano Calvo, Madrid

Next day 20 April Maximiliano Calvo opens its Spanish tour at the legendary cafe Berlin of Madrid to present their albums ‘Vol.1 and Vol.2 burning′, a concert in which will be accompanied by friends like Jaime Olías you will not miss this appointment he announced yesterday in his official instagram account with a video filmed by Jaime own where we can see singing Maximiliano Calvo with actor Adrian Exposito!

There are few tickets available but if you want to spend a nice evening of music, you can get tickets in the link: MAXIMILIANO CALVO WITH BAND + Café Berlin guests, Madrid

Más Info del concierto: cafe Berlin – Maximiliano Calvo con banda + invitados

Jaime Olías: Opening the 21 Malaga Festival

last night 21 Malaga Festival He kicked from the Circulo de Bellas Artes of Madrid a film week to be held between the 13 and 22 April.

Jaime Olías not want to miss this event which was attended by Adrian Exposito and Maximiliano Calvo as we saw in the IG Stories what Jaime He published yesterday:

IG Stories Adrian Exposito


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Jaime Olías: Premiere Champions, Madrid

Last night Kinepolis cinemas of Madrid They dressed for the gala premiere 'Champions’, directed by Javier Fesser and starring Javier Guitierrez.

The red carpet we saw many familiar faces, including our dear Jaime Olías con un look muy rockero que asistió junto a su compañero el actor Guille Llansó ('Wormhole’).

A continuación os comparto el vídeo que Jaime subió a su IG Stories (Jaime Olías), la divertida publicación en instagram de Guille Llansó y un link con más imágenes de Jaime en dicha premiere:

🌟Anoche acompañé a Jaime al preestreno de #Campeones! Una película divertida y muy entrañable. No saqué mas fotos porque estábamos inmovilizados con unas palomitas🍿desmedidas que cogimos.😂 Gracias friend 😘 @jaimeolias//Last night I went with Jaime to the Champion’s premiere. A funny and very endearing movie. I did not take any more photos because we were immobilized with some pal excess popcorn🍿that we took. Thanks friend 😘 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ##preestreno premiere #campeoneslapeli #javierfesser #javiergutierrez # peliculaespañola #actores # actorespañol #actors #actorslife #igers #igerspain #igersmadrid #kinepolis #movies #picoftheday #videooftheday #instaboy #instadaily #instagram

A post shared by G U L E L L A N S Ó (@guille_llanso) on

Instagram Guille Llansó


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NOTE: If they go out more images of Jaime Olías premiere in Champions shall be added to the gallery and warn by social networks.

I would like to: Possible third season?

This publication last week has surprised us (at the same time eager to know more) the followers of the series I would like to!

The official profile Series in instagram He surprised us with a fan under the text edit “I would like but…and you want the third season???” Question followers undoubtedly have answered a resounding yes, and is the end of season He left us with a final perhaps too open.

Éste is a fansite has request for a third season since we were eager to resolve the frames and see again our dear Diego (Jaime Olías) again with her sister Lana (Lucia Gil) and his mother (Natalia Millan).

And you, Would you like to see a third season I would like to?


Source: I would like to

I would like Gallery: Initiation > Series > I would like to

Jaime Olías: Filmmaking Association ELA Valencia

Source: Jaime Olías

ELA association Valencia: Adela-CV

Wormhole: End of shooting

A few days ago I commented the new project as Director of Jaime Olías called ‘Wormhole'; said filming has been completed and I compartiros pretty actress messages Laia Llorca and actor Guille Llansó They have published their accounts instagram after finishing filming:

En cuanto se sepan más detalles deWormhole’ os iré informando, mientras tanto estaremos muy pendientes (as usual) de las redes sociales de Jaime Olías!


Source: Laia Llorca / Guille Llansó

Ángel o Demonio es la nueva serie en CincoMAS

Last 28 March se emitió el primer capítulo de la serie Angel or demon en el canal CincoMAS.

“Todo lo que se ha escrito sobre ellos es mentira. La realidad es mucho peor” Angel o Demonio se estrena esta noche en CincoMASbit.ly/2pFrFK6🇲🇽 6:15pm, 🇺🇸 8:15pm, 🇦🇷 9:15pm

published by CincoMAS 28 marca 2018

CincoMAS es un canal de televisión perteneciente a Mediaset España Comunicación, cuya programación está orientada al público residente en América.

Como recordaréis Angel or demon fue una serie de televisión produced by Plural Entertainment and issued Telecinco the 1 de febrero de 2011, starring Aura Garrido, Jaime Olías, Mar Saura, Manu Fullola, Jorge Suquet, Carmen Sánchez, Carla Nieto, inter alia.

Synopsis: Valeria (Aura Garrido) es una joven estudiante que, after killing his parents and run away from home overnight, discovers that he is an angel who is in the midst of a battle between good and evil. Now, with the help of the angel Nthel (Manu Fullola) and a book of purple cap and blank pages, you must avoid falling into the temptation of evil and become a fallen angel.

The young man will not so easy, since demons, led by the immemorial Danube (Carmen Sánchez), They will try to ruin family life Valeria and the people who matter. To do this they will send Damian (Jaime Olías), a young fallen angel in order to seduce her, but things change when Valeria and Damian enamored.

Remember Jaime Olías He debuted on TV with this role; If you have not seen the series I encourage you to do so as ye enamoraréis each character as we passed in 2011 at issue in Spain!

Below the links from the web and social networks I leave CincoMAS where you can enjoy videos and pictures, be informed about the channel content and know days and times of broadcast of the series Angel or demon in each country:

Web CincoMAS: Cincomas.com

Facebook CincoMAS: CincoMAS TV

Twitter CincoMAS: @CincoMasTV

IG CincoMAS: cincomastv


Source: TVLatina

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